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Non Stop Christian Praise Latest Gospel Music | Praise | Worship

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If You Are A Lover Of Christian Gospel Songs For Inspiration, Encouragement & Blessings, Then You MUST Listen To This!

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Priscilla Thompson says:

Prise god forever and ever without him we are nothing

Daniel He says:

Thank you Jesus for died for our sin

Daniel He says:

God is our only god

Kaylen Januarie says:

l worship your holy name

77 doves.vs.devils says:

Beautiful &touches our souls thank you ABBA in heaven, Yeshua ?❤????=Jesus-Yeshua,thank you son of the almighty &Holy ghost,we couldn't without you! I pray for all my brothers &sisters&strangers,on here to be safe &grow like a plant with sunshine?,but a plant without ⛅ sunshine ? will die,same with us our soul without the Holy spirit of Yeshua-Jesus we die spiritually,I pray we all get a chance to live Amen!

Keisha Finks says:

All Glory be to God…Jesus is Lord .. Thank you for this compulation each song is uplifting . Lord let our praises be a sweet sound unto your hear and ecery person that listens to this Lord Move in their lives We Thank you We Praise you YOUR GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR ME. THANK YOU LORD….

Prodigal Son says:

Great collection worship songs.

Michael Ekoja says:

Grateful songs

Chinenye Eboh says:

powerful songs of praise. Thanks for nourishing my soul. Our God is great.

Sonia Catral says:

Woa what an awesome praise, thank you Jesus for who you are.

Lili Nikolova says:


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