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Peaceful Moments of Worship

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Peaceful instrumental music



God is truly in this place.

Carmen Velez. Wright says:

Thanks for the bless songs !

ms bubbles says:

Follow @graphix_apparel

Sally Llewellyn says:

Awesome – thank you!

Victoria Borbridge says:

Amen!! For it is done!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus for dying for my sins and raising from the dead so that I can live!!! GOOD NEWS!!

Claudia Nassoiy says:

what is the name of the very very last song in this video?
most beautiful

Golden Bee Healing Trail says:

LOVE for Shabbat Yawam Quadash

nicolprofittkh says:

I listen to this every night. it helps me to sleep. bless you and thanks for uploading

galuh arjanta says:

peace be with you. anyone can help me? i'd love to know what's the title of the song starting at 4:58? i really love the melody, and i feel it might be greater if i can worship GOD while singing this song. thanks in advance. God speed.

Aubrey Padilla says:

It is truly wonderful and blessed to be included in the flock of God being the Lord Jesus himself is the chief shepherd. He always keeps His promise…never fail to amaze me…has never ever let me down thru thick and thin and above all His amazing faithfulness which is renewed every morning are the things I am so grateful with. God Bless all my brothers and sisters in Christ all accross the world wherever you are and whatever you do. ?

Djibril Yolas says:

when i listening to this,even if i was in trouble,i remember that someone give is life to save me is name is Jesus Christ!so don!t give up to the Lord!Christ is all that we need!thank you all and be blessed!!!

Ivan Rios-Mirabal says:

I was searching for this Beautiful Inspiring Celestial Christian Music, till I Founded, while am Working I can stop thinking in You Heavenly Father, and at the bed time I surrender completely in your presence, good night sweet Lord, Thank You ! in Jesus name Amen ! .

Rora mata says:

still close to him

Harshit Aggarwal says:

Dear god!!! Bring harmony to all those listening to this song or atleast give their sorrows to me.

kb says:

why would people thumbs down this? I love this and I love Jesus

Victor Oliva says:

this helps my mom do her work

Génesis Gómez says:

can I find this on iTunes?

bae전정국's (lysh) says:

I feel so empty. I'm emotionally, physically and mentally drained. It feels like everyone at school hates me. I feel so alone. I feel like everyone's been talking about me behind my back, or they talked about me to other people. Me and my close friend, has this small gap between us and we don't talk much now. It's hard. I don't have a best friend where I can count on to. It's not usually like this. I am a Christian but idk, it's so hard. Please help me. I need someone to encourage and pray over me. It's hard, no one seems to understand me. Sigh.

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