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Personal Finance Wisdom You’ll Hear No Where Else

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http://www.freedommentor.com/personal-finance-wisdom/ – The most valuable personal finance wisdom that you probably will hear no where else.


Suchittra Mitraman says:

Been watching your videos every day this week. Thank you Phil.

Sandra Gaskill says:

I enjoyed your presentation very much. I did a lot of the "guru" seminars and frankly did much better on my own before I got confused by them. I worked for a living as a professional nurse for 30 years, but remembered what my father told me-you work for a living but your have a profitable hobby as well. He had RE investments and stock market interests. I loved Robert Kyasaki's book and learned from it. I've heard Dave Ramsey on the radio. I liked the way you combined the best of what you read and have experienced. I owned a small business the last 7 years of my nursing career-an assisted living for Dementia. The ownership was great as I owned the RE and the business. I retired, sold the business and RE before the Re market crashed in the 2006+_area. I also sold my rentals-6 of them, and bought a summer home. I went to auctions when the foreclosures started hitting the market around 2009, bought 2 condos, flipped 1, and kept 1 as an excellent rental. Now i made a few mistake purchases as I went out of my home state. Big mistake. I would like to read your book as it's never too late to learn. I'm 80 years young. My car is a 1997 RAV4 and I don't want a new one. I don't consider myself rich , except in areas of good health, great family, and a lifestyle I love, Like you, I love the RE investment business. Sandra

Eric Laforge says:

I use my credit card as mutch as I can because every transaction are free and I get 1%cash back. I arange for my credit card to get payed before the end of the month.

Eric Laforge says:

your videos are worth gold. (4 times landlord)

Marvin Ramos says:

Thank you for your videos
Have you read Secrets of Millionaire mind by T Harv?

Joseph Allen says:

I use mint.com. Awesome app.

Tyler Strong says:

Phil, something that I really appreciate about what you do is you deliver us videos that don't have a bunch of fluff and confidence boosting stuff. You are straight to the facts. I've been doing a lot of financial research, and it drives me crazy with all of the "You can do this!"… Its like, I KNOW I can do it, if I didn't think I could I wouldn't have paid for this ticket!

Liz B. says:

very informative video Phil….great job here…Thank u  :-)

juicyka says:

You are phenomenal!!! And an angel for passing on this invaluable wisdom (especially for free!). Although, at 55, its to late for me…I thank you so very, very much!

ELOY RC says:

GREA GREAT GREAT VIDEO!! Thanks you are so right!! Awesome recommendation on the book and buying it right now! keep it up with the great content. You are a great speaker I can handle your 30m videos without problems. thanks

Jared Cook says:

Outstanding video

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