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Politics in Games – All Media is Political – Extra Credits

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We can’t remove politics from games. They express our perspectives and understanding of the world, just like movies, books, or any other art form. We can agree or disagree with the stances they express, but all media is political.
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Extra Credits says:

We can't remove politics from games. They belong there.

misterlobsterman says:

People don't hate video games taking about politics, they hate it when the game devs take a side in a current political issue, and try to shove their side's standpoint down the players' throat. No choice, no argument. "You will think, what we want you to think, otherwise you're scum!" That is what we hate.

Philip Salama says:

I'm not demanding that politics be removed from games, I'm requesting that we be civil when discussing politics in video games, if we must discuss it at all. Civility is not a trait commonly associated with gamers, and it discourages people from engaging with the gaming community.

MrDrProfessor4 says:

I think what people are criticizing is being too preachy.

TheXDatabase YTC says:

Oshii further stated he “can only sense a political motive from the people opposing it, and I believe artistic expression must be free from politics.” the creator of #Ghostinthshell

shingshongshamalama says:

Everything is political. Every conversation is political. Every single interaction you'll ever have with another person is inherently political. Because politics is about how we think life should be lived and how we interact with other people.

TheExpiated says:

2:02 I think people who say to get politics out of their games are more talking about this, because you would be hard pressed to find anyone who disagrees with what you are saying in this video. That being said, I agree with you, you can't separate a person or their work from their politics, because those come from their beliefs, which come from their world view, which will affect their piece of art. It's like when people want to believe in the delusion that you can separate church and state, politicians will act according to their actual beliefs, you can't pretend like that isn't going to happen. This is why most of the western world can't understand the Middle East, they refuse to accept that people act according to their beliefs. The fact that some, as extreme as they may be, actually believe what they say they believe and will act accordingly.

Jose S says:

You can keep BLATANT politics out of games. That's what Nintendo does, and I appreciate it.

TheFr0stByte says:

I guess I wouldn't be quite so upset about this if I didn't feel so targeted. Not even politically, but religiously. I feel like so many "great" games are carried by some sort of plot where a Roman Catholic-esque church is the bad guy. You know, the guy or kid or chick in the big funny hat is either a dick, or he's not the problem but he is a puppet type thing. A few that come to mind are Luminous Arc by Atlus and the Assassin's Creed series. (and I'll admit I may be wrong about AC as I don't understand the plot very well.) Another is Bayonetta, which I mean duh, but still. I think a few of the Final Fantasy games also hint at this kind of thing. I can get over it, and I realize that corruption within the Church was and is an issue. I guess I just wish that more people would recognize us for people like Mother Teresa instead of Cardinal Richelieu.

John Cook says:

I think the complaints about politics in media has more to do with the suspicion of the consumer that the people making the media are attempting to use it as a platform or even as a Trojan Horse of ideas.
We don't think of Shelly's Frankenstein or Stokers Dracula as political, even though a close reading tells us tons about the politics of their writers and their times.
But we do think of Call of Juarez or The Division or Undertale as political. All games reflect what their creators believe about reality, but sometimes it feels like they are being used to tell the audience what they ought to believe about reality, right or wrong.

Jamestown says:

This was a good episode and it does a good job talking about politics in media.

Personally I don't mind politics in media, not even the ones I disagree with. What I mind is when a game tries to indoctrinate me, or when it acts as though disagreement is evil, or when it takes a cringingly simplistic view on a nuanced topic. And if anything these qualities are more difficult to swallow when they express views I would normally agree with.

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