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R.I.P. The Internet

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Stephen has a message for the FCC that also involves a phrase beginning with ‘F.’

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bangmeister2012 says:

Fake news coupled with isps censoring content is a good way for a tyrant to take over. Guns will be the next thing they take

D V says:

that's MY Szechuan sauce! And that's what I call……. A Trump Card!

Diana Oliva Sierra says:

Does anyone else notice the weirdly loud and obnoxious laugh through out the entire vid?

Kieran Saul says:

Stephen made a Rick & Morty reference!

nomar mar says:

420 buthole St.

killeing says:

Thats it. You forced my hand. I must subscribe.

Flametusk says:

"They may be neurotic, or possibly psychotic, they're our pals at the freakin' FCC!"

…All of you were thinking it.

Chzzmonkee says:

Mark Cuban: 'Net Neutrality Is Dumbest Stuff Ever' | CNBC

D V says:

who can I thank for the mail? It means more than you'll ever know, it all does. My fathet really was one of the last living unknown legends, and He didn't even get a funeral. His father's funeral had over 400 people show up, My father had a party for his father's 50th birthday. He spent over $100,000 on it, and now he's a pile of ash, for what? Pride? Out of alllll the people with money in My family, they couldn't even chip in and make pool to give him a proper burial. Fucked up as it may seem, I appreciate Steve's" gesture more than you'll ever know. I wonder if My father can see it all now? I wonder. I just hope I get to see him again, I really do. My cousin said it best "He was the kind of guy that if He only had $10 to his name, He'd give you 20" and he actually would, he'd go find the other 10. He was just so god damn nice of a person, and he was old. It hurt loving him, because you knew one day you'd have to say good bye to that guy who was so god damn nice. and you never wanted to. He had a heart of gold, fists of stone, and balls of steel. And you gave everything out of love. Not to sound clique, butvthe book "The Giving Tree" was written about My father. Now I'm getting older, and I'm the one who's tired. and I don't even have a stump to sit on…….. Please, cherish ever moment in which you can find happiness. Because time is fleeting, and we all have loved one's. Cherish them, hold them, love them. If you can't do it for yourself, do it for the guy who you know truly is heartbroken. Do it for Me.

Sukacita Yeremia says:

Webketeers Internauts o my..

Michael says:

I dont like you Colbert, you’re a douche bag. But the fight for the net is far from over.

JessicaTG2008 says:

Oh yeah… paper… the other definition of the word ream.

Frank Burnham says:

I think it was the government slowing down the internet. Another Obama failure mended.

SCharlesDennicon says:

I have no love for Colbert, find his obsession for Trump pathetic, and am NOT a liberal, but damn, that Net neutrality business is just baffling. The FCC fucks who have repealed Title II deserve jail time. The shark lobby joke was nice.

Marco Szopieray says:

How do u like multiple times ?

MrPilgrim says:

I lol’d at avocado selfie

Francis Mcallister says:

Who is this stephen Colbert

Jaden mccloud [Santana] says:

The internet is the same

JME says:

“I’m your host Stephen Colbert. You know Donald Trump…”

Bærre Børresen says:

Don't fuck with Norway got talent – 4:30

Whois Online says:


Damon Pierce says:

Man had me with sauce and avocado selfie. beautiful.

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