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Renewable Energy – BBC Technology Documentary NEW+ Science Documentary HD

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GhostLaughingMan says:

I think the future is thorium reactors

fre bert says:

So basically its not the lack of technology that stops us from saving this planet but , its the lack of drive because saving earth wont give those rich bastards profit, they'll only care if they could earn money from. Everything is about profit fvck

Leon Winter says:

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blablabla1185 says:

I just hope that Trump can listen to the Princeton professor.

TabooRevolution13 says:

Solar powered helium airships. And use water to heat your homes. Electricity from the sun and wind is just fine.

Landon Thomas says:

Considering that statement Carter made was way back in the 70's, you realize 20% by 2000 was reasonable. The country had plenty of time to try and improve on the technology and they did nothing.

Clinton Morris says:

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Marvin Boggs says:

Blow it up your ass goatfucker

milkshake1993 says:

Thorium anyone?

mfanto1 says:

the carbon shortage is a thing

Heaven on Earth is Love says:

1,700th like.

Jeff Beck says:

Check out Aaron Dover channel if you like reality. Anyone who believes this shill video or shill channel is a fool.

_ _ says:

Climate change is a cash register LIBTARDs like to ring-ring as much as the can; idiots like Al Gore. It is a religion of money collection

_ _ says:

Renewable energy does not meet the needs of a modern world now or in the foreseeable future. Some people think that this will solve our energy problem (fake data, fake analysis, fake science, pretend scientists, and fake news), but not for the next 50 to 100 years. But don't worry we have plenty of resources available to us for that amount of time.

Megouski says:

Nuclear is the only real option, but people are easy to brainwash and its easy to vilify things because thats how humans are. In reality Nuclear is responsible for by far the least amount of deaths and sickness per GWh produces of any energy production method. Including Wind, water and Solar. No one would think this because of the media and because Nuclear is one of the wonders of human discovery. Nuclear power is so cheap to actually produce its basically free compared to all other sources. This includes the cost to build, and the R&D costs. There are Nuclear designs that also produce no waste, unless steam is 'waste' to you. The only real hardship nuclear has is red-tape and ignorance of those against it. Its really a tragity that costs lives and progress. Do you think wind is waste free? Solar? Such a delusion.

RichardMJ R says:

This is a PBS documentary, not BBC. It may have aired on the BBC, but does not originate from them. It is from Season 38, Episode 9, "Power Surge", aired 2011 Apr 19.

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anderson says:

Don't stop the CO2 exports to the atmosphere. We need to more than Triple current levels if we are going to feed the population of the earth.
We need to more than triple the CO2 ppm to 1500ppm in order to optimize increase the earth's caring capacity by making plant life more efficient. Currently we only have 400ppm it wont raise the temperature much, and it will make our crops on just the existing land 50% more productive while making a much larger share of the earth surface farmable.

BattleshipAgincourt says:

We desperately need fast breeding nuclear reactors. For two reasons: 1) breeder reactors are vastly more efficient because they can tap the U238 isotope, which represents 99.5% of the uranium on Earth 2) We can take radioactive waste and reprocess it, rather than burry it. The major problem however is cost, given that they're less economically viable than a standard heavy water reactor. However we only need a limited number of these which can take reprocessed uranium and convert it to HWR fuel.

Chris Read says:

There are designs of nuclear plants now that can't melt down or that operate at lower temperatures and the newest models can recycle nuclear waste from older plants. We would have been carbon neutral now if we kept developing the technology and weren't shit scared of it.

a squared says:

More than 70 minutes of this strange presenter and he didn't once talk about a battery; he repeatedly referred to a baddery, which object is unknown both to me and the spell checker in this service.

Tony Osime says:

Does this video repeat at 53:07?

MANPORT555 says:

giving all our technology to china and killing our next generation. soon we will all be dropping spoons on the floor to learn chinese.

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