Republican CNN pundit nails Trump’s pay to play politics: ‘I do think he wants to draw blood’ | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Republican CNN pundit nails Trump’s pay to play politics: ‘I do think he wants to draw blood’

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Anthony Smith says:

it's worrying how folk normalise his behaviour and the more he does it the less people will take notice. I don't need to tell you how disturbing that is. He's been given such a wide berth that he's already got the power he craves. He's not in office yet.

Shawn Hawkins says:

How much educational television do you see on network television thats not for children? Now compare that with the amount of worthless reality or contest shows and you will understand just how trump won.

Shawn Hawkins says:

Donald trump could've saved a lot of time on his speeches if he just said: "you know all the stuff Obama did? I'm gonna do the exact same things but as a white guy"

Daniel Duffy says:

yeah you would think you might want to try to negotiate for more job just as I was going to make America great but no instead he f*** hit the hardworking unionized American worker with their f**** right f*** you mr.trump you're in for a fight you piece of s***

Greg Madison says:

Kellyanne said he is going to produce the apprentice in his spare time.
Did they give Obama a chance.

David Lugo says:

who is this old bias guy ? death watch anyone ?

Are facts racist??? says:

The reputable polling also said HRC was winning with 98% certainty. Trust those "reputable" polling about anything at your own expense.

Sam Elk says:

This shill Chuck Jones wanted his time in the spotlight. Doesn't like that people reject this ungrateful hack. David Gergen is a evil weasel. I apologize to all weasels.

Coogan Alaska says:

Gergen blabs about a survey poll pertaining to Trump's cabinet appointments. This idiot didn't notice how wrong election polls were. Voters don't want to hear about phony polls anymore. Moreover, we don't want to hear talking head opinions any more; keep them to yourselves and give us straight news.

Bert Nijhof says:

Trump = Putin's pudel.

Veronica Baker says:

But doesn't Trump have business interests in China?

3rdworldtraveler says:

How can you do a 10:00 interview about Trump with out using the word Dirtbag even once

silvano novalis says:

The "Sun King", the Untouchable, is taking advantage of the porosity of the law, creating a path towards absolutism and nepotism. A new form of government will be instituted: cleptocracy.

A Pullara says:

Bullies who threaten usually end up beaten. Let's just wait and see!

anchorskid says:

What happened to civility? How can we be an exemplar in the world of effective civil (and secular) government when so many are being so uncivil to so many of our own citizens?

jonboyhst says:

Lets come together and let trump make america great again!

Mash Eclokin says:

Trumps the man fuck the haters!

Dennis Grass says:

Trump should learn from Hillary about how to manage "Pay for Play". She did it for many years, and used the media power to keep Bernie from becoming the nominee.

masjut1 says:

Imagine, negative info about Trump from Clinton news network..????

tammy franklin says:

How could ppl vote for a racist bigot sexual predator I feel sorry for the ppl who did not voted for him the ppl who had commonsense

hofifut says:

What's wrong with "pay to play"? I do it occasionally. It usually costs me $400/hr, and the ladies that I pay are rather accommodating. The only drawback is I have to keep it a secret from my wife.

sarah tavano says:

to to bad all the worker jobs are still going to Mexico the only jobs he kept was CEO management and tech jobs the factories are still moving to Mexico so much for caring about the working class what a joke

Vet_758 2007 says:

Liberals, your echo chamber is shrinking, viewership of MSM stations such as CNN is decreasing. Maybe one day you will be forced to come to terms with reality

Have it now says:

this lady is nuts, trump is a liar, his way is lying.

Raymond McClain says:

This will be the most corrupt administration ever smh

Ron B says:

CNN SUCKS. Nothing but negativity, makes me sick.

Blind Freddy says:

Trump is a man-baby. Have you seen his tiny hands?

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