Silicone Baby Winter’s GRANNY ANSWERS QUESTIONS! Best Comedy Skit SUPER FUNNY Reborn Bad baby VIDEO | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Silicone Baby Winter’s GRANNY ANSWERS QUESTIONS! Best Comedy Skit SUPER FUNNY Reborn Bad baby VIDEO

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Silicone Baby Winter’s Granny answers question about reborn and silicone baby dolls! Super funny comedy skit!
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About my silicone babies:
Wynter is a full silicone baby doll. She is the Chantal sculpt by Olivia Stone. And Nehemiah is the silicone baby doll from the Cynthia Anna sculpt, by Aimee Strickland. You can find silicone baby dolls for sale on their webpages.


I love my reborn babies, silicone babies, and reborn toddlers! Subscribe to my channel for more videos of the Silicone baby dolls: Wynter, Silicone Baby Nehemiah, & the rest of the reborn baby dolls. I film reborn roleplays with my reborn dolls. I love reborn babies and I am a reborn artist. On camera I like to film reborn baby morning routines, reborn baby night routines, reborn baby blanket reveals, reborn baby outing, reborn baby box openings, reborn baby day in the life, reborn baby feeding and much more! There is a lot of fun and creativity that goes into the filming of my reborn baby dolls.

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Leah Martin says:

you are playing the mom of the reborns

lps play time 1480 says:

granny r you the mother?

Plumeyrose Reborn says:

Lol 😝,we love grandma 👵,you are doing a very good job ,and you do an amazing job taking care of your grand babies 👶 hugs and love ❤️

Teddy O'Malley says:

This was so hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing. 😀

Granny, I want to see a video where you help potty train Song.

Chloe Grayson says:

Love you all

Audris Puppies says:

Paul winter winter

Audris Puppies says:

which baby do you like the most

Michael Rodriguez says:

you. Are. Not. Pretty

Faith Dobbins says:

do you have dimples

Michael Rodriguez says:

You. Are. Not. Pretty

Michael Rodriguez says:

You. Are. Not. Pretty

Kayla Green says:

Do you have any silicone

Zoila Pajuelo says:

hello granny your butaful :)😀😀😀😀😀😀

Sayri says:

Granny's cool 😎

Nurys Linares says:

pickles Y esok

Jennifer Talbott says:

Tell is to granny why does she think winter is sassy

darryl oliver says:

Grammy I love you you're the best babysitter is winter

Margret Lahmann says:

I think they mean why do you call winter wintcha

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