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Slime Collection

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-Q: Is that your real voice?
A: Nope! I speed up my voice!

-Q: Why do you speed up your voice?
A: I have my reasons ((:

-Q: Will you ever reveal your voice/face?
A: It’s not likely but i might in like a couple years ! loll

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BAIIII -ColorBooBoo ❤️


I'm crazy says:

Training wheels ?

Maryam Asfari says:

it's 12 am how did i end up here

Awune “Galaxy Dweams” Senpai says:

i like it when you squish the floam slimes

Caroline Rowe says:

Candy k soft serve looks to me like crap soft serve

Addysen Deal says:

The fruit salad one and the coffee ones are my favorite ??☕️ ☕️

Rohma says:

Why was dome of the slimes called for example grape almond slime if they don't have almonds can someone tell me? ?

Remmi Marvell says:

All your slime are sooo pretty! And you're creative with a lot of the containers too (cotton candy & butter slime)! I wanna start making them and you've given me some great ideas!

Leeamationz ღ says:

when u put the slime to close to the mic it makes me cringe

carri dancer says:

is this song Melanie Martinez

Elaina Sullivan says:

Raspberry floam where did she get the beads

Dayana ELI Mendez says:

" I dont know what kind of slime this is " Oh so there are type's of slimes nowaday. I made slime in 2013 and now everyone makes it now

sweet Potatoe26 says:

I started getting annoyed when she was poking EVERY SINGLE SLIME like everyone else

khirstyn Short says:

you're like 10 tf u got a lipkit for?!

Kimberly DeGuglielmo says:

In ur last video u were able to poke bluey ;-; IM SO MAD ? NOWWW

TheCandoWolf says:

I don't fucking understand why almost all of the small slime channels are ran by asians?!

Kimberly DeGuglielmo says:

Oh my god look at that slime (Anaconda Nicki Mange ) ( idk how to spell don't judge plz )

Kimberly DeGuglielmo says:

I'm attached to slime

Maddie Petty says:

It's nit your recipe if you didn't come up with how to make the slime which you didn't you just changed the color

Turtle Pan says:

well hello to you too boob

eleven 011 says:

omg I got child watching this this is so amazing

•Anime Kitten• says:

Boi this girl is better than that one girl who screams and squeals in her videos. You're way more "watchable", and you actually talk and not scream in your videos. More people should watch you instead ?

Ellie Cookie says:

My slime collection:

NyaMarie13 says:

Do you make all of these ? If so pls make a tutorial . This was such a satisfying video

Yale Cruz says:

You name your slime? lonley hoe.

Halima Khatun says:

Omgs this video is so cool?love it so mucb❤️

sophia daly says:

i love u

ahmusing says:

You really need to stop speeding up your voice, it is SO robotic and idk jittery. Use a better editor, kid

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