Spätzle Recipe – How to Make Spätzle or Spaetzle (Tiny German Dumplings) | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Spätzle Recipe – How to Make Spätzle or Spaetzle (Tiny German Dumplings)

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Learn how to make a Spätzle/Spaetzle Recipe! Visit https://foodwishes.blogspot.com for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this fast and easy Spätzle/Spaetzle recipe!


Paul Horsley says:

I like you chef john, thanks for these vids I have cooked loads of you recipes, not that they normally turn out like yours! Like I like to say I am the yob of my hobb! X thanks again keep em coming x

Lukas S says:

As a German without culinary expertise whatsoever… I take my nationality as qualification enough to falsely complain about some authenticity mistakes in this recipe (!!!) You know, because I know, and my Grandma and stuff. That's what you wanted to hear right? You're welcome! Now I feel gut.

Olaf is a shark says:

You're the man! What a great channel.

Cooking With Cows says:

you basically made knöpfle ("little buttons"), not spätzle 😛 spätzle are longer and scraped off of a board into the water. There are also spätzle presses, that are basically like a potato ricer that extrude out spätzle, and special spätzle graters that are like a normal grater but have a little reservoire on top where you pour in the batter

Wallinku says:

Spaetzles is not only german, it is also alsacian 😀 I'm so happy to see Chef John make this recipe!

Mike Rabbit says:

Jesus, watching these videos on a empty stomach it's pretty much torture…

susypeti says:

that's some weird nokedli you have there

Corros1on says:

Actually that are Knöpfle not Spätzle. Sour cream is not a typical ingredients in Germany and does not belong to Spätzle or Knöpfle.A popular recipe with Spätzle an Knöpfle is Kässpätzle.Add cheese from South Germany to the Knöpfle and let them melt in the oven. When the cheese is melted mix it well. Finally you laying Röstzwiebel (roasted onions) on top.That's is way much better than mac and cheese and you will never eat something else! Thrust me.

Rayalboon says:

chef John, you should try spätzle with molten cheese (Gauda) and Röstzwiebeln (almost brown fried onions). Its super simple and really delicious, we call it Kaasspatzen in Bavaria

sarah peter says:

It's pronounced shp-a-ts-le (a as in Arrogant and the last e as in Everything)

Adamasterr says:

1:39 "That's looking very good" like a goo, John your puns are amazing 😀

legion999 says:

Oh, this thing. In Poland we like to boil these in chicken soup and eat it like that.

m0bis says:

try them with a little bit of nutmeg in them. works great.

Dean Lewis says:

No cayenne?

vetlerradio says:

Ahhhh, right, that was creme fraiche one top of it!

dasTofu says:

Ok fine and good, you grater-heretic, but why didn't you put cheese in the pan with them?? Melted cheese strings in between the pastalings is what makes spätzle perfect!

Driman Boy says:

Käsespätzle with roasted Onions are the best :3

shakescan says:

First thing we learned in Culinary school. Austrian version.

zanesmith666 says:

Probably just me, but I kinda find it rude if other countries don't make the effort to pronounce another countries words properly.

H. W. says:

Cayenne and Paprika is actually a big thing here in Germany 🙂

Sarah S says:

Where i come from thr batter for spätzle is made from flour, eggs, lots of salt (it has to taste like it's too much) and sparkling water which gives the spätzle a better texture. Your batter looks a bit to thin in my opinion, but the end result looks really good 🙂
Try kässpätzle next for the real swabian feel. Just transfer the spätzle to a box with a lid and after each batch you put cheese on top of it. Layer it up, keep it closed for a few minutes and mix everything. It's like cheesy heaven. Oh an don't forget to sprinkle it with chives and lots of black pepper!
Enjoy 😉

Kendrick Kelly says:

When I was growing up on the early 70's, frozen Birds Eye "green beans and spaetzle" was the only way my mother could get green vegetables down my gullet.

The sauce with tons of butter and salt obviously helped.

And now I'm jonesing for it…Damn you.

FlapJacqs says:

YAWWW. I’VE BEEN CRAVING FOR THESE FOR DAYS. Always wanted to make them but something always stopped me ? maybe this is what i was waiting for

Julie says:

Your pronunciation is off. xD

The vowel sound is like you would say the letter A

Charles Wagner says:

I love these, thanks.

Marilyn Legaspi says:

Thank you chef Jon. I remember eating spätzle when I was a kid. Looking forward to make spätzle again. Tack så mycket chef Jon?

Paula says:

We eat this in Poland, except we boil them in milk and eat them together with the milk and sugar as an evening soup for kids.

PartiZAn18 says:

Do Americans eat eisbein?

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