Start a Healthy Lifestyle in 2018! Fitness Tips + Recipes! | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Start a Healthy Lifestyle in 2018! Fitness Tips + Recipes!

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are you ready to start a healthy lifestyle in 2018!? fitness tips + recipes are coming your way!! let’s do this 2018!! we’re going to make this new year the BEST yet! 🙂
Instagram @CAMBRIAJOY | Weekly fitness tips, soul encouragement, healthy recipes + more! http://www.allthingscambriajoy.com/join/

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remember that being healthy isn’t just about how you look. living a healthy life starts on the inside ~ you are made for more than just perfecting the image in the mirror. xo


Anai Sanchez says:

A salad a day sounds amazing, thanks Cambria! ♡

Maria Glover says:

aww. This was such a beautiful video. Thank you!!

Madison Webb says:

LOVED this video. Omg

sinnia romero says:

You're so inspiring, I'm like the total opposite from you but practice makes perfect 🙂

Angela Dyson says:

Have you tried juicing greens with fresh ginger, apples and pears? It makes it spicy and sweet and yummy. ☺

The Exploring Emily says:

Such a cute video! Happy New Year!

Kirsten Reynolds says:

"find a new blogger that you love" — that's you!!!

Bryanna says:

you should start a podcast

JGRisawesome says:

Omg this is GREAT!! You honestly made me feel super inspired. Towards the end of December I was feeling super inspired and ready to take on 2018. But lately I've been feeling super down and I sort of lost my faith and inspiration. But this video made me gain that all back!! I love your vibe and thank you for being you!! Now I'm ready to kill 2018 and finally give myself what I deserve!!!

Jordana Levine says:

I just made a New Years Resolution video! This is awesome so if you want more feel free to check mine out too, thanks 🙂

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