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Story Time and More! Educational Videos for Kids by Blippi

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A 1 hour compilation of educational videos for kids by Blippi. Story time, The excavator song and more with Blippi. Blippi makes educational videos for kids. Subscribe to Blippi at https://youtube.com/BlippiVideos

The Blippi Videos in this compilation are:
Story Time – Treasure Hunt
The Excavator Song
Garbage Trucks for Children
The Garbage Truck Song
The Shapes Song
The Finger Family Song
Blippi Toys


Melissa Syrinek says:

Yeah that's pretty cool jj

Darlene Adams says:

my kids love it ?

Tom Tom Kidz Club says:

This is so great! A wonderfully entertaining show!

seanlonks says:


Baby Studio Kg says:

An Awesome Video for Kids.
Carry on Blippi.

Buvana Mohan says:

Good video I like your way of talking

julio rodriguez says:

G by. The b

Jess Ajero says:


misel bregovic says:


Random Rainbow says:

pee pee…. sorry. I love your videos I love your videos Blippi. You are awesome! My five year old loves you!

Kiducation says:

Great compilation – kept my daughter quiet for a long time. Thumbs up and subscribe from us 🙂

ray l reed says:

Josh Sobo loves Blippi lol

Indoor Playground Outdoor Playground Fun Playtime says:

Cool Video For Kids!!!******************************

Jasmin Pena says:

hey man my son loves your videos

once upon a time fantasy says:

i love it . banana ?

Maxs Toy Magazine says:

Blippi is so cool! 🙂

Pops Palo says:


- Nil - says:

oooo cara ta achando que é o pewdiepie!!!kkkkk

J Quiznos says:

Keep the vids coming Blippi. My kid loves it. I wanna get a cd or something with all the songs. My daughter bops up and down to em. Especially the Excavator ditty.

AprilJustinTV says:

Yy new Blippi video Liam is going to love!

Rocio Perez says:

you know your ABC's and 123 good 🙂

Boogie Smalls TV says:

Awesome kids video! 🙂

ryan hickey says:

blippi your awesome man i have to say my son watched you today for the first time and let me say you do a good job man keep up the hard work i thought your show was good a real life Bob the builder and the other guy too and Rachel are cool to have to just awesome job thank you your friend ryan and aden

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