TB Joshua PROPHECY: Buhari’s Health, Congo Crisis, Southern Africa! | Poris Radio - VIDEO

TB Joshua PROPHECY: Buhari’s Health, Congo Crisis, Southern Africa!

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Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a series of revealing prophecies about the African continent on Sunday 19th February 2017. He addressed the political crisis currently engulfing the Democratic Republic of Congo, the precarious situation connected to the health of Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari and the strange bouts of bad weather hitting nations across Southern Africa, as well as a famine in Ethiopia.

He also shared nuggets of wisdom in some practical advice on leadership. Be blessed as you watch!


Agnes Antonius says:

thank you man of god

Rechol Night says:


Sulayman Jamegeh says:

so pastor u are the prophet of the Devil,u nah stupid but the people following u nawaoo


father give us the faith.

Leonard Takavengwa says:

In southern Africa it has already strted happeing with the cyclone Dineo wich has destroyed alot of things…so thank you papa for the prophecy because it seemed like it was over but theres still more to come nd we will pray even harder

Tina Xaba says:

Amen praised the Living God….

Jhenelle JEBOR says:

very touching testimonies, how can I talk to the prophet himself?

Hashalla Williams says:

Those hating why do you even waste your time watching.God bless man of God

Me Samuel says:

Thank you Man of God I can understand you totally. your enemies can establish you for what He want to achieve. may God help us in Jesus might name Amen.

Tangmoh Collins says:

What about Southern Cameroon?

Toms Romans says:

Congo crisis – some time ago aliens called Chimera Group attacked Earth vortex by using scalar weapons. The attack is the reason why there is much darkness, black magic. All that effort to attack good people. There will be meditation on 26th February 2017. 140 000 people is necessary to join. Praying will do as well. Pray for Congo's vortex to be healed.
The vortex is an energy grid. Edited time when it happened cant remember exact time.

Look for pink countdown timer, Weekly ascension meditation


Tangmoh Collins says:

Thank you prophet

Selma Nangombe says:

I believe I'm release from all my challenges, in Jesus name,thank u man of god.god blessed you.

Selma Nangombe says:

Thank u man of god prophet tb Joshua u open my eyes and I think I will receive my breakthrough soon,in Jesus name

Gona Noah says:

I love the man of God

Boyd Phiri says:

Thank you Prophet Tb Joshua.

Alicia Aguilera says:

THANK YOU MAN OF GOD Prophet T B Joshua for preparing & revealing us the heart of our Heavenly Father .

Monique Martin says:

Lord give us the Wisdom of GOD, ? so that we do not have to duplicate ourselves behind others. Save our Souls OH GOD, and grant us Divine Timing to rise, pray and execute at the right time. ⏰ Amen

Jesus Christ of Nazareth. says:

it happened last Wednesday have seen it in D-Wella.

Monique Martin says:

TB Joshua Quote: Giving money to people does not mean that they are your friend. People will give money and work on your campaign for a seat next to you; but that does not mean that they have your heart. ?. You will find yourself looking at your enemy – carrying your vision.? Amen #SaintsPleaseBeCareful. (For the WORLD is running ???out of ideas). Amen ?

Monique Martin says:

Amen Prophet you are speaking TRUTH NOW! Lord give President DONALD TRUMP, my Business and Pastor – men and women after our own hearts?. Amen

Monique Martin says:

I PRAY Father GOD that you give my President Donald J. TRUMP ?? good followers for all of his needs! Lord give him STRENGTH where there is weakness with a sound solid democracy and institution. Amen??

Monique Martin says:

Thank you Prophet TB Joshua for praying for GOD's Countries and his Presidential leaders. I trust the anointing upon your life and have been soOoOo blessed by SCOAN Videos! Continue to pray Man-of-GOD for my health and divine restoration, in Jesus name. Amen?

Grace Divine says:

Deep wisdom from this great Prophet of God.

Donchi Slimsheddy says:

fake prophet you are silent on his killing of innocent people hatred of Christian you are there talking rubbish fuck you

Diribe GIZAWU says:

I'm Diribe Gizaw Neakar from ETHIOPIA please man of god pray for me. god bless you. Amen.

Ivy Nhongo says:


Ivy Nhongo says:


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