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The Birth of Planet Earth – Educational videos

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daniel evich says:

In the beginning God created heavenandearth

maha ahmed says:

if the meteriod hit this region in ARIZONA leaving this big mark on the ground, where did it go…?? did it disappear…??

박민수 says:



Pois é! Foi assim que o planeta terra foi feito por Deus!!

Vytautas Poška says:

sitting on a chair, eating old soggy pica from yesterday at 1:36 am in the morning, having math exam first thing in the morning and I'm just sitting here, from boredum watching every video that pops up after another on autoplay, and while watching this video, I'm thinking to myself – where do I get red asiatic lilies for my garden?. . . so yeah 😛 get a life you scumbag. . . I know, I will. . .

Mat Harris says:

How could water have existed without the presence of oxygen? According to the theory in this film water was here first…how is that possible if there wasn't already oxygen present?

Zacheaus LIVE says:

Good video! You deserve way more subs 😊


There is yet no scientifically proven answer to why the universe was made. This is just one of millions of theories. It could of been made by God for all that scientists know. So let everyone have there own view on the universe. We're we around at the beginning of the universe? No one knows what happened.

Furlog Giant says:

religion is for stupid cowards

Raiden Ryu says:

LOL!! so basically after all this explanation and waste of time….. Earth and all life within it was created by rocks…. different kinds of rocks….. and more rocks with different structures and bacteria….#@% just rocks. 
And all these numbers, where the hell does these ideas come from, 4.3 billions, no wait, 4.5 billions, or maybe 4.7 million years!! i mean, there's a little difference between them, just a couple of billion years XD

LupineFear says:

Oh, the level of creationist bullshit is just hysterical here in the comments. This is probably karma getting back at me for going to church drunk all those times. To that end I'll just start making jokes about creationists.

Why can't you give a creationist a quarter a day for a week? -They don't accept change over time.

How many creationists does it take to screw in a light-bulb? -None, the light-bulb was made perfectly and doesn't need to change.

Creationists think the Earth is 4,000 years "young". I guess their clocks are almost as slow as they are.

.The dyslexic creationist is convinced that all the kinds of gods are due to the benevolence of dog

You know, for all their talk about watches, creationists sure do seem to have trouble keeping track of time. How do you miss 4.5 Billion years?

Creationists are so predictable, they get up do the same routine every day, it's as though nothing's changed for 4,000 years.

Ask a creationist how he likes his chicken, he'll probably say Precambrian.

Creationists insist that humanity is "special"… well they're certainly proving that.

I often lose creationists when I speak to them. I guess they just can't handle my transitions.

And finally:

Why did the creationist jump out of the window? -Because gravity is "only a theory"

odomi121 says:

Too convinient that the planet all of a sudden heated up. Cute story though.

telmo almeida says:

lol really ? proves please

Nilloc 884 says:

The grass? How

Spartaculus Jones says:

Every atom in our bodies was forged in the furnace of a nearby star 7 billion years ago.

Donald Hipp says:

Sorry, In the beginning GOD created the heavens and the earth, despite all your theory & computer animation

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