The MMM3000 ‘Ultimate Gaming Helmet’ Unboxing! | Poris Radio - VIDEO

The MMM3000 ‘Ultimate Gaming Helmet’ Unboxing!

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This has been such an amazing experience and I cannot believe we manged to get hands on with a prototype so quickly! Looks aside, the helmet does what we wanted it to do & more, and i tip my hat to Mattessons for the opportunity to get involved!

Disclaimer: This product is not for sale, and this projects aim was to bring a community together to try to create something awesome!

Which we succeeded with!



vert2552 says:

i would ordre things like that only to get deliver like that

Deutz x says:

whos watching in 2016 and wanted one back in 2013?


Do you have any of the boxes left? And is so can i buy any of them?

Riley Rogers says:

hey, if you havnt already gotten rid of it or sold it, can I have the box? and also the packing inside?

Archell King says:

you look like herotic

Seyden6 Seyden says:

Ummmmm this headseat is for people who game for weeks to months

Cobrafang 197 says:

Crisps are in the top

Mathew Morton says:

"No one has ever tried to do this before!"

Haha… Wonder why?

Aidan Olcott says:

What brand is the chicken stuff?

Mein Toortl says:

Self feeding bicycle helmets are the leading cause of neck issues.

Cathryn Collins says:

This video is really dumb but that box is awesome

Ajay Baliarsingh says:

u r abt to get 10milion subcribers bro.holaaaaaaaa

BOOF (BOOF) says:

Stop making videos

Edward Cullen says:

Anyone know what chair he was sitting in? Brand and model?

MR. LOOMER says:

i wonder if it works with Cheetos

Samuel M says:

A bike helmet with flashing lights that feeds you reconstituted chicken blobs. This video is fucking hilarious.

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