The Neo-liberal Bubble Has Popped! -Jordan Chariton from TYT Politics | Poris Radio - VIDEO

The Neo-liberal Bubble Has Popped! -Jordan Chariton from TYT Politics

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What were the mistakes that were made by Hillary Clinton leading up to this historic defeat?

Jimmy Dore breaks it down.

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ft55555 says:

15:20 – Hillary turned the campaign against Bernie into a generational war by painting Bernie's platform as a potential risk to entitlements that boomers are just starting to age-qualify for. Appealing to the "I've got mine, fuck you!" mindset as well as the heavy-skewing to the female demographic in the upper age groups is what won Hillary the nomination over Sanders and his more-progressive platform that would one would think SHOULD appeal to the Democratic electorate.

Egbert Sousé says:

It is a complete myth that we are now in the clear economically. We have bubbles blowing up in multiple sectors, we have $20 trillion debt which will handcuff our ability to carry out major projects necessary to stimulate demand, we have a pension shortfall crisis, we have the baby boomer generation that is essentially broke, we have a tiny manufacturing base which handcuffs our ability to go to war if we need to, we have 62% of Americans with $1000 or less in their savings account, we have a $2 trillion student loan fiasco, and we have automation in the future that will kill by estimate of the Bank of England 50% of all jobs including white collar jobs. Get real, we are completely fucked.

Peter Richardson says:

jimmy you should run for office..just tell the truth you'll win

Aroon 5 says:


poodtang1 says:

She came across as a arrogant entitled old white bitch.

ihartevil says:

jordan is a little bit off with MA its way more purple then people think

ihartevil says:

i want to kick howard dean in the shin

ihartevil says:

jimmy rust belt is a racist term and thats why clinton was using it

thx for this ha bisky vid i love jordan and i love you

Bannor Haruchai says:

The vote count isn't quite complete but it's added several million since election night and right now shows Trump with
61, 200,00 vs Clinton with 62,523,000.

Here are the numbers from recent elections
Obama 2008 – 69,498,516
Obama 2012 – 65,915,794
Romney 2012 – 60,933,504
McCain 2008 – 59,948,323
GW Bush 2004 – 62,040,000
Kerry 2004 – 59,028,444
and a surprise, from election 2000
Bush 2000 – 50,456,000
Gore 2000 – 50,999,897
What's surprising is that between 2000 & 2004, there's an increase of 20 MILLION voters!! And then ANOTHER 8.5 million from 2004 to 2008. That can't all be explained by a switch away from 3rd candidates; that's a hell of a lot more new voters

Ron Winters says:

The Democratic leadership has been fucking over progressives since they fucked over Henry Wallace in 1944. The Democratic leadership has been working with conservatives to gut the New Deal since FDR died in '45. I'm definitely not talking about Democrats in general, but the leadership. The only difference between them and the GOP is the leadership has more or less chosen a more silent, slower sneakier strategy then the Elephants. And trying to shove Hillary Clinton – a non-reformed Goldwater girl – down America's throat was a bridge to far. Instead of whining about the electoral college, Bernie Sanders, yada yada,they need to buy some mirrors and stop nominating fucking Republicans to run as Democrats. But… they won't. Kaine will either be their nominee in '20 or someone worse. Why? Because, they'll brainstorm that they need to out flank Trumps conservative voters. Buckle up. It's going to be a rough couple of years.

Florindo Troncelliti says:

Get the Republicans out of the Democratic party

Keith Kareem says:

Fucking love Jimmy and Jordan. Thanks for all the hard work guys!

bob roberts says:

brilliant, insightful back-n-forth ! i also caught that john lewis foot-in-mouth statement lo these many months ago and wrote about it. yes, even lions o' the civil right movement can be cuckolded into betraying their own ideals. thank you TYT for your perspectives, which – sadly ? – are becoming more and more vital as neo-rome burns…

Amado Fraga says:

Awesome Video Jimmy thank so much for having other strong progressives in your show. you should have mike figueredo from the humanist report on your show. everyone like it so jimmy can see it.

Enzo Pasq says:

I'm glad hrc didn't pick a progressive for vp because it would have all been a farce anyway. Hrc has/had no intention whatsoever to BE progressive, and it would have only tricked some people into voting for her. Good ridence to hrc!!!!!!!! And to the DNC!!!!

linda lawrence says:

You guys rock! Hands down the best Monday morning quarterbacking I have ever heard. I'm in awe

Brandon “Innomen” Sergent says:

The Jimmy and Jordan show needs to be a thing.

Cory C says:

"Bernie Sanders chaining himself to black women during the civil rights movement."


Rephrase, please.

Nate Y says:

Warren was smart enough to stay away from that ship of doom!!!

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