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The New Lodge Cast-Iron Wok | Unboxing & Comparison

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During the last week of December 2017 I was on the Williams Sonoma website and discovered that Lodge was bringing back a version of their beloved vintage cast iron wok/stir fry skillet. I have owned the vintage version for a little while now, and it is one of my favorite pieces from Lodge, old or new. I am really excited to see them bring this piece back!

In this video I show the unboxing of the wok and compare the old to the new to see how it has changed. One thing that is not mentioned in this video is the difference in weights. The old model weighs 7 lbs 4 oz, while the new model weighs 8 lbs 14.9 oz.

This piece is not a part of Lodge’s upcoming Legacy Series.

The box opened in this video was packed inside of an outer box. I found it to be packed very well.
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E150GT says:

How old is the older lodge?

Carla Randall says:

Thanks so much for the review. I didn't know they made a stir fry pan! I'm definitely going to order that one. I don't know how long you have had your older one but it looks brand new. You may have to come to my house and re-season all my cast iron! 🙂

EddyGurge says:

Aaannnd… Ordered. Thank you!

chatomairi says:

Please review the mini wok.

Marc B says:

Great video, as usual. We have missed your videos and cooking. After watching your organization with metal racks we took your suggestion for our pantry for cast iron, fantastic idea . One of my favorite go to items that is not cast iron but the Tramontina Triply Clad 4 qt 3.7L induction pot, unfortunately not america made, but a nice item. Can't wait to order the Lodge cast iron wok/stir fry skillet. This wok will be wonderful to cook outside on an open pit. Keep up the videos. All the best in the future for you and your family. Paulette and Marc

jackpast says:

Great to see you here. Nice review…what is that countertop made from?

Larry Stephens says:

Why do you need to season a pre-seasoned pan?

Big J says:

Thank you for coming back!!!!!!!

Artiefrog says:

Would love to see it being used

Diane Riley says:

I really dislike the texture of the pre-seasoned pans. Other than that, this wok would be perfect!

JohnJacobJingle says:

Darn, was hoping for a GiveAway, now you have Two! 😉

Damian Rhea says:

It must be so heavy…

flysubcompact says:

I just recently started using a forged steel wok for a lot of my cooking and love it. I find browning meat is excellent in a wok. Now I'm cussing you because I blew a ton of money during Christmas and now I gotta have one of these cast ones. 🙂

Bennett -Redacted- says:

Shouldn't a wok should be light so it's easy to "throw" the ingredients around? The whole heavy cast iron part of these woks kinda ruins that.
To be honest, I don''t think the additional heat capacity of cast iron is worth the weight tradeoff with the kind of cooking a person would do in this pot.

I genuinely wonder what benefits one would get from using a cast iron wok.

Full disclosure: I am not a professional chef or a "skillet expert"

registrum says:

You have a wire brush video. Are you planning on doing the same to this pan? Do you feel the Lodge 'orange peel' affects the quality of the cooking with this pan?


Making the bottom cavities more shallow and changing the font probably made the skillet easier to cast and reduced scrap. As the deeper cavities are harder to fill with sand during molding. They also have a tendency to get plugged with sand or not fully fill with sand. Which would require additional cleaning room time. The thin metal ridges would be prone to what is called misruns or cold shut. A line in the casting caused by the metal cooling too much as it has to travel all the way form the gate to the center of the casting.


They are beautiful.

1Kellapitter says:

Another great video, thanks! Would you consider making a video of you using the wok? I think that would be nice to see. Thanks for all your fantastic videos!

Dolores Boston says:

Well I don’t know if you received my last suggestion concerning getting the oil out of the grooves…..I suggested that you could wrap a small piece of paper towel around a toothbrush which might help getting into those grooves.

Lynda Baxter says:

This is a gorgeous pan!! Wow, I'm going shopping now… 🙂 Thanks for showing us and comparing the old and the new! Nice to see there is very little difference, just enough to tell them apart.

The Culinary Fanatic says:

This video had to be re-edited and uploaded again. If you do not see your comments, that is why.

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