The Success Mindset in 8 Parts | The Lavendaire Lifestyle Podcast Ep. 25 | Poris Radio - VIDEO

The Success Mindset in 8 Parts | The Lavendaire Lifestyle Podcast Ep. 25

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The Success Mindset – This episode’s for anyone who’s been stuck or held back by self doubt, fear, or limiting beliefs.
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It’s not about how talented or smart you are, and not just about how hard you work. It’s about how long you can stay in the game, and so much more.

Testing if I should upload my podcasts to YouTube as well – Yay or Nay? Let me know in the comments!

1. Unwavering Belief in Yourself
2. Commitment
3. Patience
4. Perseverance
5. Consistent Action
6. Continuous Improvement
7. Self Forgiveness
8. Gratitude

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Lavendaire says:

Testing if I should upload my podcasts to YouTube as well – Yay or Nay? Let me know in the comments!

// Full Transcript + Links: http://lavendaire.com/lifestyle-25
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Ella Ridley says:

Since I stumbled upon your organisations videos I got hooked. Thank you for this video, I'm now slowly going for my dream life 🙂 All the love from UK 😉

Svenja Kah says:

yes 🙂 please uplouded on youtube 🙂

Phuong Ha says:

Loved this!

Alexandra Kolacz says:

This was so inpsiring! Your tips were amazing!!

Mystic Heart says:

Very inspiring Lavendaire, this is what i needed to hear!

Crafty Christina says:

love you you inspire me so much #lavendaire

Crafty Christina says:

I love you so much u inspire me so much #lavendaire

Reema Issa says:

?? keep up the good work , yes for youtube !
I just have one qustion for you : I've been following lavindeir and I don't really understand the main message of it , I'm saying that with love because I think you're doing great , but If you work on that area of productive goals it would be great .. love you ?

julesinlife says:

Loved the podcast and just took 2 pages worth of notes 🙂 Thanks, Aileen! I love assessing this through YT.

Soo TruDee says:

Awesome podcast love it… I will be doing a get ready with me and the channel about a similar topic.. I hope u can check it out.. I'll def share this video

Raquel Bischoff says:

I like how you explained everything

Daisy T says:

podcast ???

love it✴

Yashika Nathani says:

Yesssss… To YouTube podcasts?⛄

BookishJayLee says:

Thank you so much for making this podcast because I really needed to hear this this morning. ?? Keep it up!

Camille Co says:

I loved this so much. Very motivational!

Lumka Jwara says:

Yes to podcasts on YouTube .

Daniela Conti says:

I love your voice and I prefer to follow your podcasts here on youtube !

Bait Byoot says:

yes for podcasts here !
easier to access..
keep going..

Nguyễn Linh says:

This is amazinggggg <3 I love you so muchhhh

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