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The Swap 2016 Disney Movies

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Avory Gaming says:

Lol My sister Name Is Aspen

Tiffany Gittens says:

His hair though…..lol

Arjun Meena says:

awsm movie?? f#ck happy ending

Jayla Samuels says:

funny and sad at the same time

Ashley Wingster says:

Is that ema

Ashley Wingster says:

I love that

doubara bikpobigha says:

this is my favourite ala

Chelsea Heart says:

this is one of the best movies I ever seen

Chelsea Heart says:

there's no. audio when it's 26:16

Nevaeh Mendoza says:

love you

Nevaeh Mendoza says:

love you

althea gemino says:

mixed emotion with this ????

EFC The beast says:

not being too rude but am I the only one who thinks that jack malloy is not that cute?

Amber Williams says:

I think this by far is one of my favorite Disney channel original movies in the 2010's. I grew up on movies like step sister from planet weird through Cheetah Girls so even though my kids aren't old enough to watch most of these movies yet I watch them myself lol. But I love the story line behind this one the most.

Laurie Jo Elliott says:

Volume stopped at like 25:30

ColourTong says:

love it, good job disney, I'm 19

Janiyah Sidney says:

It was not that bad you guys

Ian Glynn says:

ya think you are going to Charlie's party tonight at her house man Joe down

Angelica MUA says:

Omg i cried when Jack told off his dad, and when Ellie vented to her mom. This is awesome.

aneeb ilyas says:

whats the song at 37:10?

Ige Eniola says:

It fabulous

Demetra Harris says:

this isn't your best galaxy queen

Teoni Barnes says:

Did anyone else have no audio at 50:01

Dejiah Stevenson says:

Love it!!!????????????

Hanna Hafizzah says:

I love this movie ♡

Angel Mian says:


.Lyrics. says:

omg this movie was amazing!!!! love it!!!!!???????????????????

sam breezy says:

man i need to know the ending

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