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The Ultimate “Man Cave” / Automotive Hobby Shop

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My Friend Pete goes to Mack Colorado to Visit One Mans Hobby Shop and finds out it’s a Life Long Dream Come True as “Hot Rod” Bob gives us an Extreme Tour of his MASSIVE MAN CAVE/Automotive Garage! http://www.swrnc.com or 972-420-1293


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The Ultimate “Man Cave” / Home Hobby Shop – One Mans Dream Come True!


Cooll Asice says:

392 Hemi?

Mark Chamberlain says:

4 BT cummins

sean hutchinson says:

Colorado bob has to have a cummings in it…..BAD ASS!!!!!!!!

EdOfTheNorth says:

It is sure nice to see folks succeed in life but sad when one realizes that someone else built all that and lost it. Or am I wrong in thinking that Bob said he and his brother purchased it? Good video Pete. But then again, they are all good.
God bless.

Zach Taylor says:

Damn bro, y'all are drunk af.

Ozzstar says:

Bob has an awesome setup! Nice spread

Robert Gwinn says:

thinner toilet paper is what i'm talkin about….no more shit ona stick….still lots of junkers out west…love it…nice hotrod bob. nice shop too…good stuff pete

gabriel garcia says:

Wow. What a place

Steve Warren says:

A vid of the septic tank install would have been more interesting than this old geezer.

Cary Lamari says:

All I can say is god bless old Colorado Bob ;)

tertessa says:

10 acres of shops holy cow…

rick kornegay says:

be chromed I ment to say, just kidding any way . best wishes for your dream I can tell if it can be done you will do it.

rick kornegay says:

is your septic tank going to me chromed? good luck and go for it!

Luke Teverino says:

Missed your videos man they've helped me multiple times with my 1970 mustang. Keep it up

sizzlers-shop says:

Would you be interested in doing up 1967 VW westflia style split window hippy van? I can send you some pics. Please advise.

Charles Miller says:

Amazing place, Looks like somebody that owned a metal Bld company must of built it.

Looks like his dream has come true. Now lets see your dream come true Pete.

Are you going to have a nice pool at the school :)

Junk Box Mike Calvert says:

Nice video Pete! Your makin your dreams come true too buddy! Thats for sure!

70carlton says:

Great video my friend Pete!
I am glad someone got to live his dream even if it wasn't me this time,…
gives me hope I could make it someday!
and soon yOU will make it !
robert in niagara falls

Paul Zonneveld says:

Ps …… Great video…. Engaging with bro paul and Dave, awesome…. Yes, shop heaven , God bless bob and his passion and most of all…… EXECUSION 

Paul Zonneveld says:

Pete!!!! Right of the bat. " the ride" ….. U throw in a preview….. BRILLIANCE!!! U are the master of edit and story telling …. You rock says your friend paul 66 chevelle guy from canada….. 

james myers says:

Now that's living ! very nice lay out. Thats any car guys fantasy to have so much storage for his toys. It's beautiful out there, very nice..enjoyed this video pete. I know you're excited about making that move pete..I'm routing for you.

mcinkyt says:

Steel framed shop with a great roof design. That didn't happen by chance, that took planning

gonzo gary says:

SEPTIC TANK ON A SUNDAY i can tell you one thing,, all the people that sits in church are dirtier than that septic tank when it full.

Burlats de Montaigne says:

Love that wide open sky.

malkucken says:

I hear you about Dallas and all the people, but how can one make a living in Moab where there's hardly any?

mr magoo says:

Very cool…

JAMES Cook says:

One step closer to your dream Pete.

Mike James says:

Great video

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