The Unboxing And Review Of MY First Blue Tiger Headset | Poris Radio - VIDEO

The Unboxing And Review Of MY First Blue Tiger Headset

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So I finally picked up my first Blue Tiger headset. I must say this dam thing is awesome. GO GET ONE.

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JYC Trucking - Joey Cruz says:

😂😂😂 thank you for calling this is Debby lol had me crying

Hugh Betcha says:

You will need to have it custom made to fit your medicine ball sized head.

Ken M says:

hey did you get your apu installed

NigelM18 says:

I've got the dual elite, 2 years strong, rock solid no problems, love em.

Adam Salt says:

You looked like u were working the drive thru at mcdonalds lol. Your son does well with playing his part. Hope your giving him a little extra cash for that lol👍

HP11208 says:

Will did the same video, copy cat

Ragin Trucker says:

They suck blue parrot a lot better

Chasing America says:

Your kid is so cute. Great video.

Zboegt says:

The packaging looks nice but I'll pass on the goofy "headgear" look.

Cary churchill says:

Always cool to have some father son time.

Edward Child says:

Does is work with voice commands and does is work it you stream music from your phone. Glad to see you having fun with your boy he will remember for his entire life.

Jordan Stowe says:

I wonder if the little guy calls his son "big guy" 🤔

Jordan Stowe says:

Things a piece of junk. Had it for 2 weeks and people started complaining that they couldn't hear me. I switched back to my little headset and have had no complaints.

Jessica says:

who needs Joey anymore lol keep the new guy Luke!

capazontwo says:

Glad you have Luke on this run instead of that idiot Joey.

Mark Blake says:

What's was in the Micro?

Johnny Bones says:

the kid could be your freaking twin bro lol

Trucker Erik Productions says:

nice acting kid. have had same blue Tigar for 6 yrs

MadMatt !! says:

I've had mine for a few months, No problems….so far.

Lquinten Clark says:

i have a question to ask you do i need my driver's license or my cdl license to drive 18 wheeler

S Cargo Transportation says:

Dude I've had my blue 🐅 for about 6 months now and the thing works great. The only problem I've had with it is the foam piece on the mic falls off every so often.

haroldlm64 says:

It's cool having the kids out there. They won't forget it.

Adam Tratar says:

always had bad luck with the Blue Tigers. bought a blue parrot 350 2 years ago and haven't had any issues.

steven reno says:

He's a cutie pie not you Matthew little man Luke

Jay Da Trucker says:

I never had luck with the 3 I owned but hopefully yours last

Alex J says:

Hey! my friend you ha nice family and your son bro looks exactly like you 👍God bless you guy's.

my channel says:

can you say, would you like fries with that

Randy Spears says:

hey man you know it's the little little guy show now

Madd Trucker says:


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