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Top 20 Genius & Simple Health Tips You Should Know

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Figuring out how to stay healthy can be really stressful—and we all know that stress isn’t healthy. Fortunately there are lots of simple ways to boost your health, from sleeping on your left side to getting a pet.
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BeAmazed at… Sleeping on Your Left Side – You may not think it matters which side you lie on when you go to bed, but studies have shown you’re better off snoozing on your left side. Don’t brush after eating, after all. Since you were a kid, you were probably told to brush your teeth right after every meal. Avoid Bright Lights Before Bed – You may like to relax before bed by reading on your tablet, surfing the internet, or updating your calendar on your phone. Sitting correctly at a computer – Exercising Longer is NOT a good way to lose weight – Smoothies, energy bars, and even some salads are NOT healthy – Loosen your tie to reduce your risk of glaucoma – Easy on the Positive Thinking, It Can Make You Feel More Depressed – Masturbating Promotes a Healthy Sex Drive – Beware of the new car smell and open those windows – Yogic Breathing Improves Lung Function and blood flow to the brain – Get a Pet – Gardening Reduces Stress and Symptoms of Depression – Drink That Wine – Bird Watching Is Heart Healthy – Playing a Musical Instrument – Playing video games – Stop trying to shape up your butt – Surfing the internet – Pucker up


Wildman says:

Can I do children watching instead of bird watching?

GrimReaper-Sama says:

"Masturbating is healthy" ah no. Getting addicted to porn is NOT healthy, in fact it has way more negatives on the physical and mental state.

MightyHowler 87 says:

I can't sleep on my left side. It faces the wall instead of the rest of my room. It makes me feel exposed and gives me anxiety.

TheGManForever says:

These are some HONEST healthy tips. It's about time that some REALISTIC health tips made their way to "YouTube." Get these in your head you stupid fucking ignorant idiots out there!!

Hyperion ALZIZ says:

Get a pet. Horrible advice. Dislike.


You can turn of the blue light on an I phone

Tarek Chamas says:

use it or lose it 😉

Tarek Chamas says:

fuck positive thinking

akmaza ary says:

thats why i want to be a dentist

akmaza ary says:

doesnt blue light keep us waking up same as the bluelight from the sun? so its hard to get sleep

akmaza ary says:

shouldn't you lean on your​ right? the heart is at the left side

Isak kerman says:

I can't sleep on my left side since I have damaged my nose and I can't breathe after 5 minutes after turning to my left side

Luyimbazi Joseph says:

Thanks for that information.

Jesse A says:

as far as I hear the only good part of wine is the grape because alcohol has been proven to contribute to dementia just eat and drink grape juice 😂

Aaron Walderslade says:

sleeping on one side all night is not healthy. you should be changing position all night long.

Mutlu Tokat says:

What glass he says at 2:35 ?

Swaleh Ashur says:

This video is the definition of miss guidance. Although there a Couple of good tips in there

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