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Top 5 pet Gadgets You Must Have

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Your Pets will love these…..

The Pura http://www.noacare.com/
Woof Washer http://www.woofwasher360.com/
HurriK9: http://goo.gl/6LrsfV
One Fast Cat: http://goo.gl/yx3fAz
Squeaker Buddy http://www.squeakerdogs.com/


Bmx_Bros says:

Fastcat: just get 2 hoola-hoops, a long piece of cardboard and a skateboard or just skateboard trucks with wheels then tape it together ……. POOF a diy cat thing…… :3

Aini Irwansyah says:

No what smily

Michelle Filimonovic says:

Does the hurrik9 last from a pitbull bite cause my pitbulls don't fetch and bring back they fetch and tear

Maili kitty says:

I have a pura for my cat

cassie gariepy says:

the cat wheel take a giant wheel and a skate board turn the skateboard upside down then put the giant wheel on it and there insted of spending 200 dollars

cassie gariepy says:

if u get that dog washer groomers wont get paid for there job cause there doing nothing

Sparkle HD says:

what if I don't have enough money huh no one is as rich as you dummy

Sweet Sprinkles11 says:

Cool and awesome

Enhance Health says:

Evan can u like my videos because I've got none

Jumperz YT says:

how did i get to this i was watching pokemon :/

aingle animation all the time! says:

my dog douggie hates water he's a rat tarryer.

master of fire says:

take of the stand making a steering mechanism and bigger you have a wheel

wolfy the wolf says:

I need the last one

marie says:

I want to see a cat use it while it's wet

Ben Robinson says:

wow. that frisbee launcher guy really fell. from rockets and solar aeroplanes to dog toys


my cats need pura

Gracie Vanderpoel says:

This is like a add not a video ?


Said wait wait… Hold the phone. At 4:57 that guy said bodacious. HE SAID BODACIOUS. that just cracked me up. Lol.

The lady In black says:

if you can't get down on your knees and bathe your dogs with your hands you shouldn't own a dog
if you can't bathe them in their parts
you should not own a dog
ifs ya getting down on your knees and bathing them in your tub
thats part of the fun
like if you agree with me

Diamond eye says:

Hey nobody make fun of these videos

Diamond eye says:

Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool

Miss Panda says:

The second one….they had a dog on a leash because it was running away from the water, well what's any different with the loopy thingy you put on your dog? Why wouldn't it run away from that? People…I swear ?

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