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Top Galaxy S8 Tips & Tricks!

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Here are some tips and tricks for those of you who finally got your shiny new Galaxy S8!

Bixby Remap App – http://bit.ly/2qnND2t


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Frank Fernandez says:

what is the music you use in the background of you're video

Alejandro Izquierdo says:

Stupid question, how'd you turn the settings menu colour from white to darker colour?

Jay Rodriguez says:

Bruh good looking on that material black tip. makes phone look helps clean. rocking the silver plus. store was out of black lol. still a dope ass phone.

Zetro Xela says:

zedge has some pretty good wallpapers

Casper van Beek says:

again, everyone is crying about the placement of the fingerprint scanner. I bought the s8 almost 2 weeks ago, and I never had problems with reaching it and/or smudging up the camera.

my name is chef says:

Great video! I'd love to know what music you use in it! Cheers

jesters08joker says:

If I do miss the fingerprint scanner I hit the heart rate scanner instead, not the camera. lol I just forget what side it's in sometimes.

Jason Bowen says:

hey man. do a video about upsie. the insurance thingy…i wanna use them on my next phone. but im kinda iffy about their reliability.

Dan C. S. Im says:

Whats the calendar widget that you use? Looks cool!

SabalGaming says:

thanks soo much for the bixby remapping app. i freaking HATE where they put that stupid button, i always accidently hit it when doing something. Set it flashlight so its not gunna pop anything up on the screen if i do hit it.

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