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*TPrower Reviews* MLP S6E13: Stranger Than Fan Fiction

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Greetings, everybody! Hope you all had a good hiatus!

Let’s address the elephant in the room. I was doing some contemplating over the hiatus, and I wanted to give something like this a try. I do apologize to those who were expecting a commentary, and I understand if you’re disappointed. I was just testing the waters, see how this would float, you know? Plus, some software problems complicated things. Still, I did try to spice it up as best I can, so I hope you still enjoy it.

We resume Season 6 with Rainbow Dash attending a Daring Do Convention, meeting a fellow fan, and getting herself entangled in one heck of an ‘adventu-cation’.

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Jacob Bess says:

When are you going to put your season 5 videos back up?

Evan Nguyen says:

aww man, no commentary? don't do reviews… plus, the screen is too small

Raven Sky says:

reviews are cool but i prefer reactions

Narrator007 says:

This review felt a little weird without any background music. That style works fine for those who talk faster because there isn't any time for the underlying silence to become noticeable, but for those with slower speech patterns the dead air between sentences can give the feeling that something is missing.

Also, keep in mind that for a review you wouldn't have to keep the show footage confined to a box in the corner if you restricted yourself to using shorter clips (less than 15 seconds at a time, I would say) and still shots.

Kibate says:

Well, as for me, i don't like it. Reviews are usually way too long and pointless, as they are just summarizing what we already saw in the episode and only like 1 minute of actual insight. And THAT one minute has to be lucky to agree with the viewer.

If you want to test out new waters, which is totally fine btw, why not do both? You have to watch the episode anyway, so might as well put a recorder next to you

TheKyki says:

i have no problem whit it just do a reaction and review if you have time to eddit

pink pony (aka pinkainfinity) says:


Jacob Bess says:

Even though I did like this video I still would of prefer a commentary.

Josh Blackwell says:

Im wether its a blind commentary or a review its still good to see what you think of the episodes so im not that disappointed.

ljp878 says:

Nice one, dude. ^^ I enjoyed hearing your opinion on the episode. Course that ain't a shocker. x3. Way to spice things up with a review video. =3 I gotta admit though, I do miss your commentaries already. But if it's what you wanna do from here on out, and if it keeps you from getting unwanted headaches over software issues, then that's cool with me. =) As always, I look forward to the next one. /)

Savannah Simpson says:

Can't lie, I'm super disappointed that there's no commentary. Really hope you go back to it for the next episode. Either way good luck with whatever you chose to do, and stay awesome.

Loganberrybunny says:

Well, that was pretty entertaining — well done! I'm normally not a huge fan of video reviews as they're so time-consuming (as a fast reader, I generally much prefer the text-and-pictures blog-style reviews), and Dr Wolf has been the only video reviewer I've always made a point of watching. So to get me to watch your video right through and to keep my interest throughout suggests you're doing something right! 🙂

I won't deny that I was slightly disappointed when I saw that this wouldn't be a reaction video, as you've been my favourite MLP reactor of them all for a long time now, and I'll miss that if we've seen the last of it. But if you do decide to carry on with this review format, I definitely won't be going anywhere. I certainly had a good time watching what you did here, and that's really all I ask from any video maker. :)

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