Transhumanism and the Social Media Trap: Digital Lobotomization Agenda and Species Extinction | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Transhumanism and the Social Media Trap: Digital Lobotomization Agenda and Species Extinction

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“What ideas, if embraced, would pose the greatest threat to the welfare of humanity?” That question was posed to eight prominent policy intellectuals by the editors of Foreign Policy. One of the eight savants consulted was Francis Fukuyama, professor of international political economy at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, author of Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution, and a member of the President’s Council on Bioethics. His choice for the world’s most dangerous idea? Transhumanism. In this latest exposition, I expand upon this a tad more and at greater depth. [REASON]


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Holy Harlot says:

Best ever post, Lionel

James Steele says:

We need to add up the total number of hours per week or month that we spend on the internet watching videos and doing other stuff, and honestly consider how much we learn or otherwise gain from all that time expenditure. I think most of us will find that we are wasting huge parts of our lives, getting little in return. We are like drug addicts. We would be better off just getting outside and interacting with nature and real humans who could potentially become our friends. Especially with political stuff– unless there's a true revolution, all of our bitching to each other on the web isn't going to make a damn difference, so let's stop wasting our lives. Time is running out. We're all going to die. Start scratching off the items on your bucket list. Get busy living rather than watching others live.

Bobby English says:



Back to the Future!

Craig Sips says:

What?… chuck berry was alive?!!?

Bobby English says:

The JESUITS say, "Give me the CHILD and I'll give you the MAN"!

Lionel, the damage starts in CHILDHOOD and manifests itself in ADULTHOOD!

Bobby English says:


The NWO Elite wants the masses to be TRANS-HUMANIZED!
Like sheep, TRANS-HUMANIZED people are easy to herd!
America is halfway there!

bms2070 says:

Battlestar Galactics 2004 remake. We never asked if we deserved to survive.

diane smith says:

Thank you so much for your own brand of teaching, Lionel. I agree wholeheartedly. So much so, that I shared it with my polite, respectful, intelligent, diagnosed with bipolar disorder, suicidal, 17 year daughter. Over and over we have had to take her to hospitals for attempts and "bad, unsafe thoughts". After several trips to inpatient therapy, we have decided a job would be better therapy than a cookie cutter therapist just out of college. What can be more empowering than earning a paycheck, banking it, blowing some of it, able to look in the mirror and saying I rock. Well it is working somewhat and she learned to talk to me instead of a razor popped out of a pilfered pencil sharpener. It's helping her to grow a pair. You can't hide from your life in a rubber room because you are still driving your own vehicle called self.

Frank Esposito says:

I turned the volume up when you said audiophile, when you said Bose I turned the volume back down, lol.

Les Feldman says:

thank you!!! Where to you buy the lens covers? Awesome video and very very frightening information towards the end.

Edward Sanville says:

As a vegan, I hope you're supplementing B12 Lionel. I know I am.

Jolly Misanthrope says:

We are seeing the digital equivalent of the Allegory of the Cave.

captquest1 says:

Love your analytical perspectives. As for your nutritional advise, you're assuming everyone is eating a healthy diet.

Kathryn K says:

I think we fool ourselves thinking all this technology is enhancing our lives, personally I spend way too much time googling this and that, surfing the web listening to great minds and ideas at the end of the day I'm usually left feeling empty and confused, who to believe, what to believe? It all becomes a blur, there is only so much we can know and need to know and as Robert Fulghum wrote " All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten".

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