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Trey Songz – SmartPhones lyrics

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Zahira Bishop says:

This song is messed upp he thinking about lying to her

Madison Oliohant says:

so y'all shouldn't do it cause u know what he went trough

Madison Oliohant says:

ok we all know he shouldn't have cheated but it's a song and he's expressing what he did and it was wrong

Corynthius says:

I like the song if I ignore the fact that Trey is a cheating piece of shit (assuming this song is based on reality)

Eliza Honea says:

Trey songz is a nigga you do not want to be with ?

jaterrious timber says:

this my shittt

chemonay taft says:

smart phones really gas a big meaning that's what men are good at just a lie after another

QueenRNation always says:

I love this song ????

Darrell Brown says:

women and man cheat and say it's there friend cuszin stuff like thats crazy

stephanie ramos says:

Lol this is what my bf does ? claims he loved but be talking to other girl…going ro a different room to txt her then lie right to my face ?…idnk why… do everything for them and u get treated like poop ? ?

Randy Troyer says:

love u trey songz

Owen Alexander says:

this wouldn't happen to me… mostly because I don't get girls a lot… let alone 2 of them lol

tiki boo says:

i swear they live together so he's was gonna get into trouble anyway for coming home in the morning

Johneice says:

I remember when this first came out this was my song ❤️

Madyson Cameron says:

clearly what was happening in my relationship recently ??

Alexa Hart says:

Some ppl missed the true meaning of this song….illiterates

Sherry Wilson says:

I would not lie to her face I would lie to her friends

Kevo 920 says:

I bet I know what I'm gonna say

Dwayne Juneau says:

I got the song on repeat cause it reminds me how immature I was. I use to do this dumb shit and I lost a good girl. This song doesn't make cheating sound good but I can just really relate.

Stacy Alwanga says:

Is it just me or aren't I only one who prefers this to the music vid and audio because of time??

unicorn lover says:

a lot of yall saying this song is dumb well yall obviously arent getting the point of the song at all its kinda hard to explain

Josh Willis says:

Felt this way too many times I know I should be ashamed but a work in progress…..Trey telling the truth though #JS??

Henrietta Hicks says:

I be lying to ppl face

Chemise Gaines says:

so y'all do know he is giving y'all a hint about the shit a man will do to get out of the truth! instead of looking at the song negative take something from it.

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