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Trey Songz – SmartPhones lyrics

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Kevo 920 says:

I bet I know what I'm gonna say

Dwayne Juneau says:

I got the song on repeat cause it reminds me how immature I was. I use to do this dumb shit and I lost a good girl. This song doesn't make cheating sound good but I can just really relate.

Stacy Alwanga says:

Is it just me or aren't I only one who prefers this to the music vid and audio because of time😂😂

unicorn lover says:

a lot of yall saying this song is dumb well yall obviously arent getting the point of the song at all its kinda hard to explain

Josh Willis says:

Felt this way too many times I know I should be ashamed but a work in progress…..Trey telling the truth though #JS🙄🙄

Henrietta Hicks says:

I be lying to ppl face

Chemise Gaines says:

so y'all do know he is giving y'all a hint about the shit a man will do to get out of the truth! instead of looking at the song negative take something from it.

Jeremy Stroud says:

don't be a hater judy

LifeInTheClutch says:

The message is relative cuz u could take it as he fucked up and he's willing to do whatever it takes to get her back

Gold Blooded says:

Why i gotta love this song so much… fml 😞🔫

Oblivious To the mind says:

I think a lot of people don't realize what the song is actually about the song is from a cheaters point of view he know he did wrong but really don't want the person they are with to leave and yea most cheaters are lik that he's not saying what he did was okay or that she should forgive him but that he'll do anything to make her stay even if that isn't wats good for her because the cheater is selfish enough to want the cake and the ice cream too

Jordyn Riddick says:

Y'all people take shit way to serious it's just a fucking song chill this goes to no one

Aja Crosby says:

ma songg ❤❤…!!

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