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TSN – Top 10 Sports Disses

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After Dwight Howard ‘dabbed on’ Jeremy Lin’s attempt to shake hands Tuesday night, TSN is counting down the most memorable disses in the SportsCentre top ten

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Jake Krynock (rioPLAYBOY) says:

#1 must be Mayweather talking shit about you.
Someone who can't read dissing you.

Michael H (The Time Lapse Guy) says:

Emily was not happy to meet George Bush

Ethan Minard says:

Honestly don't know why tf the girl didn't shake eberles hand lol

We Walk Among Giants says:


Jason Moran says:

no Shaq and Sacramento Queens??

thelenghtyrant says:

Canadian sc looks cooler than American

Aiden says:

wheres greg in the comments: "too much hockey so i disliked"

firstname lastname says:

Conor grabbing jose's belt

matt jacobsen says:

Jeremy Lynn looks a lot different

DerJungeMiroslav says:

Damn, I was hoping for Shaq's “Sacramento Queens” quote to at least be in the Honour Roll.

Bryan Tobin says:

howards a complete asshole, laughing stock of nba, hope he doesnt ever come close to a ring

Jorrma Ollila says:

Gretzky #1

Kira Taber says:

For your next top 10 you should do top 10 Henrik Lundqvist moments

ItsOcainzz says:

Why did that Bitch not shake his hand in #1 ??

hello there folks says:

golf isn't even a sport tbh

mrseaweed1000 says:

What about all the Tom Brady 'left hanging' moments? Surely that counts!?

Mr Doggo says:

I don't know who else saw this but I saw top 10 sports diseases

david Lewis says:

What's so savage about number 8?

Dustin Brown says:

Fuck Jack Johnson

Austin Dwyer says:

Unfortunately still a thing?????!?!??!?!? Get outta here you heathens

Brandon Scott says:

by experimental vote light chocolate

Ishaq Mohamed says:

nice new background music by TSN

jared miller says:

Man, fuck Sean Avery

stofferheim says:

Guys, I think I have a problem…
I can't stop dabbing…
Help me. It's destroyed my last relationship. My girlfriend left me because of it. My parents are getting divorced because they can't handle how much I've dabbed. Please, help. Make it stop!

forman208 says:

You're just fucking childish if you can't shake someones hand after a game, especially if they didn't do anything wrong to you. You learn a lot about people's character in defeat

Jansen Ravioli says:

Lol Dwight sucks

Superior says:

16th! Earliest I've ever been on any of your videos!

The Shinners Shawn says:

First 20

The Shinners Shawn says:

Top 20 ?

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