Tweet Shows How Obama Is Eerily Similar To Bush | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Tweet Shows How Obama Is Eerily Similar To Bush

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Both the Obama and Bush administrations used their intelligence agencies to investigate at the behest of the government.

Jimmy Dore breaks it down.

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Mark Bousquet says:

@0:16 I thought you were doing a Fonz "Hey!!" with the pendulum TJDS sign. ;)

Usman Najam says:

If alleged Russian interference raises doubts about the legitimacy of Trump's victory then Clinton's popular vote share must be equally scrutinised.

Syed Asif Ali says:

I can't believe Robert Establishment Yasamura did not defend his idol the drone bomber in chief Obama.

Tunnelfish2 says:

One bush, two bush, red bush, blue bush.

Revoltingsheeple says:

Move to Russia.

Andre Salazar says:

This is how you KNOW Jim & the rest of the retarded Liberals are clueless + it took them over 8-years to realize that Obama is the same as every other president before him & works for the multi-national corporations OWNED by the Central Banking System, which is RUN by the Rothschild's & OWNED by the 12-bloodlines! This is WHY Trump had support = the wealthy WHITE PEOPLE that are NOT related to the ELITE-system are tired of being controlled within a system by the corporate elite that run the world very poorly!! The opposition believes that whoever's in charge is going to do a terrible job, so why not make it them instead of the regulars!!

Nizzle FoShizzle says:

ANd now NBC is reporting that Obama knew about these hacks last year, and withheld it from Americans so as not to anger Putin. Who is Putin's bitch now? How convenient that Obama only busts out the info after Hillary loses. Who's fault was it that these emails were there to find in the first place?

Lauren Powell says:

Nice new logo animation. =)

Arsal Kidwai says:

Really, Obama was no different from Bush because of that? You far leftists have such a stunning lack of perspective. This video is the kind of empty headed, fact- devoid nonsense I expect from conservative talk radio.

Everett Cole says:

Can you fire Robert?

Arden Onofrey says:

Tim Collins or man believed to be Tim Collins

Shawn Craddock says:

Good point Jimmy. You far Lefty's expose the corrupt estab Dems like we true conservatives expose the hideous estab GOP like McConnell, McCain, Graham, Boehner, and Ryan. Not to mention the Bush family. Don't get me started on Karl fkn Rove.

Hunter Hollander says:

I like you Jimmy but this is fucking ridiculous. Claiming Obama was NO DIFFERENT than Bush???
For starters, between 9/11 and Iraq, there were no connections. Between Russia and Donald J. Trump becoming President, yeah there are a fuck load of connections.

You can claim that what Cheney had done and what Obama is doing are for "political" purposes, but do you really think that trying to frame Iraq/Hussein for 9/11 is the same or as bad as Obama pointing out Putin's plans to put Donnie Tiny Hands in power???
It's unpatriotic and unamerican for you to equate these two things. The Bush administration was trying to justify a horrible war, and the Obama administration is attempting to retain our electoral sovereignty and hopefully convince the electoral college to dump Trump.

Andrew Gilbert says:

That is a sexy screen and logo graphic…

DaBear Jew says:

BUT Obama is black. So ha! See? We got change.

TehMorbidAtheist says:

Jimmy, now that you're account is expanding, can you please reupload or promote some of the Jeb Bush/Chris Christie/Ron Paul/Romney phone calls?
I wish more people could watch those

Phantoma3 says:

Obama is such a CUCK.

Dr Judgement says:

What Twitter is  still alive??

Rotten 5 says:

Cenk is a weak Democrat.

goonez says:

your wrong Jimmy. both the fbi and Cia agree they got hacked. it's motive they don't agree on. do your homework jimmy

Rey Lorio says:

this guy is brilliant… and im a republican lol

TheWindGinProject says:

Team Jimmy; I acknowledge your swing'n logo. I acknowledge your cool-ness. OK?! 🙂 LOL

A Change says:

The CIA has told Congress they will not meet with them. So, Congress can guess how factual the information is.

Aleksandar Pesic says:

I don't agree that CIA works for the POTUS. Instead, a better definition would be that both are working for the same shitty hidden rulers who are screwing the whole world.

Even those who are not supporters of Trump should be interested to see why CIA doesn't like Trump. Why MSM hate him? Why wall street haven't invested in his campaign? (To remind you: hundreds millions in Hillary, and only under $100K in Trump.) Why GOP establishment hates him? There's a (slight) chance that enemy of our biggest enemies can do something good for us.

But don't forget what happens with a presidents who aren't loved by CIA (JFK).

Alita54 Videos says:

More bullshit. Obama admin couldn't be more different to Bush's.

kenz200g says:

Obama had way less tax cuts then bush. Bush allowed me to tax deduct anything I wanted

Nebelbalito says:

The democrats became the republicans I despised a decade ago … that simple

filtereyeblind says:

What do you expect? you think the president has free will? bahaha

IcyMaker says:

Seriously the Obama bashing is getting old. We get it Jimmy. He wasn't what we thought he would be. Instead of bashing Obama and living in the past how about you focus more on what is going on now and how progressives can make progress in the next 4 years with Trump in office. The democrats suck but our main issues are still the republican congress and donald trump.

kamaka71 says:

God damn this channel sucks. I used to like your stuff but you've gone off the deep end.

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