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What Are Variant Covers? – Comic Drake

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Variant Covers of comic books have taken on a life of their own so today, let’s talk about what they exactly are!
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Mac Ghast says:

And the Infinity glove

Mac Ghast says:

Were can you get the Owls mask

Anthony Redgrave says:

Recently it's been Street Fighter Legends Cammy the second variant cover. It's great cause there's a clean version at the back (no title or credits) and once the series is complete, all the issues form up to make one nice piece of artwork of Cammy and the dolls.

Apart from that it's just been Babs Tarr's run of Batgirl. I picked the series up just cause of that selfie cover

AzaratheanAngel says:

A friend of mine was trying to find info on the Red Room where Black Widow was trained. Any idea where we can look for this? It would be great to see an episode about it, but I understand you're busy.

Ben Goldstine says:

Variant Covers are fucking stupid

Psyhic Android says:

store exclusives are more of a American thing I've only seen one store exclusive in Briton for a back to the future comic

Kashfy Zul says:

the comic store in my country has normal covers for 12 bucks and the variants can somehow skyrocket to like $40

goodkaji says:

I liked the Uncanny X-men Vol. 1 342 variant cover. It's titled rogue squadron and shows rogue in a space suit with a white background. She looks like she's ready to fight but the pose is kinda sexy as well. It's drawn by Joe Madueria who's one of my favs.

Comic Callum says:

Spider man 699

Fafnd says:

So boy…comic book crash 2.0 incoming! Didn't we learn our lesson last time this was done? Apparently not.

Ghost Zero Elite says:

i love the skottie young variants

Veronica says:

I would like to see a video about X23 ?

Zac Gorenc says:

Not a variant cover kinda guy as my shop barely gets them, but sometimes variants are cooler, marvel had that hip hop variant line which was pretty cool!

game r says:

i dont have any variant Covers (and only a few comics) D: ….
BUT I have programming thingys wich are expensive…
Yeay so cool (<– Irony)

Crimson Shadow says:

Does anybody know of a good comic app?

Fig-Lord Reviews says:

the varients for all star batman r pretty good

Blaze Thunder says:

i wanna get a voice actor from transformers g1 to draw a character on a blank cover

Patrick De Brun says:

My favorite would have to be the Lego versions of classic comic covers that Marvel did to promote the Lego Marvel Superheroes game (DC did something similar when Lego Batman 3 came out but it wasn't as well done) . I also have a soft spot, dumb as they may be, for the DC selfie covers, or at the very least I like the Batman '66 one and the one where superman forces Batman to smile

gabuks1 says:

Talk about comics for little kids?

A Amory says:

I usually buy trade issues as they look nicer on a shelf, but ever since Doom Patrol came out I've stared buying singles. The first issue was my first variant (it has a peel off sticker taco on it) I was really giddy and excited after buying it as i keep hearing about variants but i'd never own one before

EmperorFranky says:

i used to collect variants but then stop….

…it was from my little pony idw comics…

…. and megaman.

so thanks Jacksepticeye for this video!

LordTheCyril says:

Make part of your beard green to!

Annoying Nerd says:

I'd love to get a blank cover comic but 1. my local comic book shop doesn't sell them and 2. I don't know any good comic conventions in the UK

Jo King says:

have you seen the holographic covers of dc's futuresn end

aimz210 says:

I like to see drake slowly turning into the joker with each episode XD

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