WikiLeaks-style site launched to expose Mormon church secrets | Poris Radio - VIDEO

WikiLeaks-style site launched to expose Mormon church secrets

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A disgruntled former Mormon has launched a WikiLeaks-style site to expose the damning secrets of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). Its founder insists that it is not a “witch hunt” but a resource for troubled employees whose conscience drives them to publicize closely-guarded internal information. While the potential exists to seriously damage their already mixed reputation and while they are aware of the site, LDS’ leaders have chosen not to release an official statement on the matter. RT correspondent Manuel Rapallo reports.

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Gyva02 says:

One Mason says to another "hey lets start a religion where all the followers pay us 10% and we tell them to have 7 children which will in return also pay us 10% of their earnings, we'll be rich!"

911LookuptheLavonAffair says:

Who gives a shit about the supposedly controversial "November policy"?

Barney Fife says:

This is about turning people over to the Nazi's; period.

Susan Hanson says:

The only people who are interested in this stuff is the former members who have violated their agreements in some way and feel the need to blame the church for their own shortcomings. Easier to just walk away.

arawshi says:

I hope it includes the blueprint for the holy underwear.

clarity seer says:

Who care if they hate the homosexual cult…

Dan Cannon says:

maybe it'll become common knowledge that LDS people believe that they get god names for the afterlife.

Al Chopp says:

it would be great for the jehobos and sci-ent-ology, too

Natural Flavours says:

Mormonism = Freemasonry

Ekon Rekon says:

why can't faggots just walk away? why must they swing their shit covered dicks around a church?

NismoFury says:

Mormons are weird like all religious nuts. Magic underwear. …

vorsye says:

I can't wait for the Mormon police to come by this comment section.

Wagon Burner says:

Mormons love to abuse children.

Paul McAllister says:

I think this made the cover of Big Whoop magazine. Mormons are on the level.

Easy There says:

Religions that practice disconnection should lose their tax-exempt status for being cults that brainwash and extort their membership.

Kyle Pasta says:

Tor is the dark web so be careful if you do get brave 

Titus Robertson says:

Praise God! Expose that wicked cult!!

Here_We_Go_Again2 says:

LOL ….
LDS ("Mormonism") is a cult, like Islam.

d34thztorm says:

they should have one for the secrets of Free Masonry

bongojim420 says:

Expose all the pedophiles around the world.

natefeez2 says:

Too late…. SOUTH PARK exposed them long ago.

Charlie Brown says:

First, Leah Remini with the church of Scientology and now this guy. When will the church of Satan be exposed, lol.

MilitantAntiTheist says:

They should also be able to leak information about Church of Scientology too. Heck, they should be able to leak the dirty secrets of ALL religions, particularly the churches Democrats attend right before an election. The only church they shouldn't leak information about is the Russian Orthodox Church.

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