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Will Wonder Woman Save DCEU? – The Know Entertainment News

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Some first impressions are in from early screenings of the next DCEU film, Wonder Woman. Will the Amazonian’s new film be enough to save the DCEU? Although, Batman v Superman got good responses from screenings, too…

Written By: Brian Gaar
Edited By: Kdin Jenzen
Hosted By: Mica Burton & Gustavo Sorola

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Troy Stone says:

Save the DCEU??? Almost $700 million, $900 million and almost $800 million? lol… Exaggeration much? If she doesn't make what Man of Steel made back in 2013 she might be the reason the suits at Warners hits yet another panic button cause she gotta save her own reason for being first before she saves DC Entertainment. Reviews don't beget financial success… She is up against some competition, not even as much competition as Man of Steel was but she's got competition, she's sandwiched between a couple potential blockbusters just like Man of Steel Was… We'll see how much saving Wonder Woman does.

Still, the DC hate is real with this channel… It's sickening that everyone wants the cookie cutter superhero movies to all look like every Marvel film with a laugh track playing in the background of the apocalypse. Artists compromising their visions at the behest of gallery attendees doesn't sit right with me. WB needed to let these filmmakers make their movies and keep back… The interferences is what's turning the DCEU from what we got in Man of Steel to the Avengers Lite-er

Oscar Martinez says:

Are you Latina mica? Because you look like one, and you're beautiful also

drew w says:

what happened to the blonde lady?):

drmario381 says:

mica I miss on Achievement Hunter.

Demetri Haakonsen says:

Are Christian Bale's Batmans not considered DCEU? Because those were fantastic.

Daimyan Perry says:

I would love for it too

But the extreme lack of promotion is probably going to hurt the film tbh which really sucks because it looks AMAZING

TheDarkOrigins says:

who ever said female super hero movies don't work? that's stupid

edward hickey says:

Wonder Woman may help if it's good but Justice League trailer haven't been very special, from how bad Cyborg looks, no exciting spots and too much cgi. When the trailer high point is Aqua-man car surfing which I liked but rather see something special. WW I think I'll like but knowing her power level from fighting Doomsday can she really be challenged in this new film, like her walking through the battlefield she really doesn't need to block the bullets they would only sting a little to her like shooting the hulk. I hope Ares fight is great & long extended battle somewhat like Superman & Zod.

Federico Gastón López Silvera says:

I accidentaly ate a cockroach with my breakfast this morning… that was a "mixed" breakfast.

TheGrimStride says:

Well, the other movies sucked so saying "Wonder Woman is the best DCEU movie" doesn't mean much

Imagine Raptr says:

Yeah I think this movie will be good but not profitable cause people will be put off from the other films

Jose Elías Pallares says:

i still don't understand why people give 2 shits about critics…

Svetlana Rodriguez says:

Last chance for DC.

NoNamesProduct says:

The best DCEU movie so far means it is not a total mess. It is just a minimal mass. The story incoherent but not too incoherent. Characters are portrait badly but not that bad and the action is shot horrible but not that horrible,

D35TR0YM4N says:

They forgot the Oscar worthy "Catwoman"

Jon E says:

DC needs a lot more than a helping hand it needs automail limbs because it's an amputee having lost both arms and legs

Shane LeGrand says:

I have never understood what was wrong with batman V Superman and Suicide Squad. They were both good movies that I enjoyed I really dont get why they were hated so much.

Reaperking says:

I never had an issue with DC movies. I know they were flawed, but I still got my money's worth. I was all into the Marvel films, but felt they continued to play it safe and it got predictably boring. I am looking forward to wonder woman.

Carlo Dimaandal says:

They loved it because they're not expecting much from DC anymore.

nomeaknat says:

You are the man Gus. You are so much better than john.

James silent D Djelal says:

I'm 100% going to see this movie but I really hope they've put the original Diana Prince Wonder Woman Theme Song in there somewhere. My tiny brain will explode if they have!!!

Andrei Necsulescu says:

The movie looks good as far as action and visuals, at least it looks like it from the trailers. I feel like Gal Gadot is not a good actress though, not for this part in particular, but in general

Dawg says:

only if she gets naked

Marco Antonio says:

Save??? you are very confuse… DC is growing the fact you don't understand how thing are tiding up…. but don't worries eventually you going to cache it…

britshell says:

Femenist BS back on the silver screen. Have they learned nothing from Ghostbusters.

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