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With all I AM…Best Christian Song ever….Hillsong

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The best christian song- with all I am (Hillsong)
Note…Part of the Lyrics in English uploaded as “Annotations” .
Go to settings & switch on ‘Annotations” Thank you for visiting this Channel..Stay Blessed.


Hamid Bod says:

I am a Moslem, but I asked Jesus to save my mother 's life and she came back to us just by a miracle. I promised myself to tell everybody about this and today I put this comment. I like this sentence from my christian friends that "I pray Jesus shows you his power". So I wish Jesus shows his power to you as he has showed me so far.

Amilsha Mathews says:

I'm sorry for all me sins. please help me to overcome all my unnecessary thoughts. i'm so sorry, please grant me your help and forgive me. even when I was being bad and even when  my thoughts went wrong you cared me,loved me. Now I just want you to change me a lot,…a lot more . My heart will forever belong to you. SORRY FOR EVERYTHING.

Jesus Christ says:

Pretend that I was actually Jesus posting this comment. What would you say?

To be honest says:

Where's the proof that god exist? Before you answer, avoid using two words"the Bible"

Brandon Berthiuame says:

keep it 100

Andre stenly rondonuwu says:

Please pray for Christians in Indonesia .And pray also to the Governor of Christianity Indonesia named Basuki Purnama Tjahaya ( Ahok ) I believe Miracle God will happen in Indonesia .and the Lord Jesus would protect the people who Correct


Awesome testimony Hamid Bod!

Gukuthegreat says:

Praise Jesus!!!!!  Good Song!!!!!!  Here are some of the links of the Christian radio station I listen to when I go to bed:
Also  check your city and state if you can tune it in.
Or call them to have them
try to get it in your city and state if you don't have it on your radio
The Radio Station is called W.V.C.Y.
Here is W.V.C.Y.'s phone
number 800-729-9829

nelia gonzaga says:

Let's continue to have faith in Christ Jesus because He is the only WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. He is God Send for the salvation of mankind. Draw near to God and God will draw near you!

Janette Lefaoseu says:

jesus heped me and my family through all times that seeked trouble.

Leah Flores says:

This song is really powerful. It makes me think of the bad things I did and how I am unworthy to be in His presence because I am a sinner but still He loves me unconditionally and forgives me from everything I've done wrong because he is merciful and a loving God. Do you feel the same way?

Charvez Tube says:

That song is really great

Jed Floro says:

it make me cry

Jackson Mark says:

what a touching song
May GOD bless you guyz

5sos4life 235 says:

silently crying 😭😭😭😢😢

dont worry bout it says:

I am christian. and i love you! i know you hate me…Muslims, i know you hate me! Catholics… i know you hate me! WORLD, i know you hate me… but the reason i love YOU, is because JESUS DOES! gid is so amazing. take a moment and try to understand what it took as a father to watch his son die for you! "for god so loved the world so much that he gave his only (some say begotten) son!. i say one way or another every religion in this world recognizes Jesus! every breath you take is because he died for you to have it! you cant take 15 seconds away from your fb and instagram to say thank you?

Tayde Vazquez-Velazquez says:

Nature is a canvas painted by the hand of God

Le maroc que j'aime says:

I am ex-muslim … and now I am Christian. I love Jesus 💓💓💓💓💓

Project Zelnight says:

many people gets blind, you must continue your comission to God not just in here, for God said "many will dress like sheep but inside they are wolves"

Gurpreet Sachdeva says:

My name is Gurpreet Singh Sachdeva, I am from India, state – new delhi. I was having problem finding job. I prayed to jesus and he sent to me Bangalore where I am currently working. I thank you JESUS for everything you have given. Also I pray to Jesus everyday to heal my problem Eplilepsy. All my brothers wherever they are should remain fine.
please pray for me all my brothers and sisters that my problem should be healed completely, so that I can marry a christian girl.



Alfred Brown says:

Please pray for Eric's salvation.He needs to be born again and filled by the power of the Holy Spirit!!!
Pray for a Holy Ghost….

dyl14955 says:

this is one of my favorite songs ever #i subbed

Veena Pinto says:

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Loris Lolo says:


Loris Lolo says:

Please My Brothers And Sisters In Jesus Christ, Pray For Me, I Am Stuck In A Very Negative And Depressive Situation, Pray For Me, Help Me So I Can Be Free From It.

Lourdes Santiago says:

casting crown christian. song

Vinod Waghmare says:

The eternity,The messiah,The king of kings,The alpha and omega,The truth,The life,The way,The resurrection.

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