Worth Your Hobby Dollars? New Planetary Onslaught | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Worth Your Hobby Dollars? New Planetary Onslaught

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Join us as we dive between the covers for a first look review of GW’s new Planetary Onslaught supplement to see if it is worth your Hobby Dollars!

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SaiQ918 says:

Aww, Twisted Copse are still labeled as woods and not forest? My Kroots weep.

Polite streetdog says:

Imperial strongpoint is not included ?

Sister Lilia says:

any new formations

Ole Hinn says:

if the haemothrope reactor isnt part of the void shield/promethium pipeline network I will be majorly pissed!


Malaga Wargames says:

city of death update apear on the second book of the campain blood angles vs tiranids with the cards to make photocopy

Forge_NZ says:

Not normally one for expansions and supplements, but i have to say, ive very interested in getting this one

Nathaniel Wright says:

City Fight cards came out in a couple of white dwarfs way back when.

Dylan Wheeler says:

my cities of death is still in my opinion cooler since at that time they were not trying to sell terrain but encouraging players to make their own, hence the tips and tricks for building to the strategems

redgreen09 says:

well fist that dun got look up this might be a get ??

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